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The best-4-person tent

Buying a four-person tent seems simple on the surface. However, the name can be a bit deceiving. Tents that are labeled "four-person tents" rarely hold four people — at least, not comfortably. So, you need to carefully consider the shape and size before choosing one. You also need to buy the right type of four-person tent for your plans.

If you're looking for a durable and versatile option, the Alps Mountaineering Lynx Four-Person Tent is perfect for both standard camping and backpacking. It's easy to set up and take down and includes a rain fly.


What to know before you buy a 4-person tent

Camping vs. backpacking four-person tents

Four-person tents come in two main types: camping and backpacking.

  • Camping tents are the larger and heavier of the two, and most frequently fit more people comfortably. They're meant for use when you're camping close to your car.
  • Backpacking tents are as small and light as possible so you can spend more of your precious weight capacity on things like food and water when backpacking. If four people are planning on using it, know that quarters will be extremely cramped.


Four-person tents typically come in all-season or winter varieties.

  • All-season tents have more mesh to allow for maximum ventilation, a godsend on hot summer nights.
  • Winter tents are thicker and limit ventilation as much as possible so heat remains trapped inside. A winter tent shouldn't be considered unless you know you'll be using it regularly in freezing conditions.

4-person tent features 

Floor shape 

Four-person tent floor shapes are either square, rectangular or circular.

  • Square floors are most common in camping tents. They allow for the most comfort when squeezing in a full four people.
  • Rectangular floors are most common in backpacking tents. It cuts down weight considerably but severely limits sleeping orientation options.
  • Circular floors are an outlier. They can be a fun option for camping with children as it gives them more options to move and play inside.

Ceiling shape

Four-person tent ceiling shapes can be either domed, square-ish or A-frame.

  • Domed ceilings are the most common in any tent. It limits space on the sides and how straight you can stand, but it's the easiest to set up and lets rain and debris slip right off.
  • Square-ish ceilings are more complex to set up, but greatly increase the amount of space and make it easier to stand. It also adds considerable weight, so you won't find it in backpacking tents.
  • A-frame ceilings are the opposite of square-ish in that they greatly decrease weight and make it difficult and uncomfortable to stand. Heavily weight-conscious backpacking tents use A-frames.

4-person tent cost 

They can cost as little as $50 to as much as $300-plus. Basic camping tents shouldn’t cost more than $100. Better camping tents and basic backpacking tents usually start around $150 and go up.

4-person tent FAQ

How many people can a four-person tent fit comfortably?

A. That depends on the tent, but it's rarely four people. To be comfortable, stick to two people only. Three may be comfortable if the tent is on the larger side.

How do you set up a four-person tent?

A. Once again, that depends on the tent. However, there is a general order to it.

  • First, take everything out of the bag. If it's your first time setting it up, take pictures so you can put everything up in the same order and style.
  • Secondly, unfold and position your tent exactly where you want it to be. If it comes with stakes, stake it down. This keeps your tent from sliding around while you set it up, not to mention keeping it in place in case of high winds.
  • Thirdly, attach the poles to the tent. Every tent uses different systems to hold on to the poles. Some use clips, others use sleeves and a few use both or another system entirely. Once the poles are firmly attached, your tent is ready.
  • Lastly, though optionally, you can attach a rain fly if your tent has one. Those that do typically have mesh uppers, so choosing not to attach it will increase ventilation but leave you open to the elements and prying eyes.

Which 4-person tent should I get?

Best of the best 4-person tent

Alps Mountaineering Lynx Four-Person Tent: available at Amazon

Our take: This all-around tent is perfect for any kind of trip.

What we like: It fits two comfortably, three decently and four when crammed in. It has two doors, both of which lead to a vestibule-like area when the included rainfly is on and extended fully. The rain fly can also be rolled up and out of the way.


What we dislike: The bottom of the tent isn't strong enough to resist tears or to prevent moisture from seeping in; you need to place a tarp under it.

Best bang for your buck 4-person tent

Coleman Sundome Four-Person Camping Tent: available at Amazon

Our take: It's difficult to find a better budget tent than one from Coleman.

What we like: The bottom of the tent is nice and thick so there's no need to drag a tarp with you. The 4-foot-11-inch height means plenty of room to sit up and limits the need to crouch. There are several ventilation options.

What we dislike: The rain fly only covers the upper half of the tent, so there's no vestibule area and it's only somewhat effective in strong weather.

Honorable mention 4-person tent

Toogh Three-To-Four Person Camping Tent: available at Amazon


Our take: If you hate the setup and take-down process, this tent is for you.

What we like: This tent uses a special pole system that causes the tent to pop up and out when the top is pulled and collapses easily when the top is unlatched and pushed. The hexagonal shape is more stable in heavy winds.

What we dislike: The rain fly only covers the tip of the tent, so anything more than a light shower will likely result in some wet campers.

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